Upcoming Offerings from Tokidoki Look Very Sweet

Tokidoki Dountella and Friends Mini-plush Blind Box AssortmentTokidoki‘s new Dountella and Friends mini-plush lineup is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth when it comes out later this December. The series will feature 8 different pastry inspired plushes, with each standing roughly 3 inches tall. The lineup is set to be available in blind boxes for $9.99 a piece.

Source: Tomopop

FAO Schwarz Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Exclusive Releases

FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Logo - Red and GoldThe renowned toy store FAO Schwarz is celebrating its 150th anniversary and is offering an assortment of toys for sale to celebrate the occasion. Featuring product releases from Monopoly, Barbie  and Playmobil, the 150th anniversary toys showcases the stores heritage, tradition and iconic status. Read More »

New Toys Bring Olympic Spirit Right Into the Palm of Your Hand

The Olympics are under way in London, England and an assortment of collectibles are now available to celebrate the occasion. Plush figures of both London 2012 mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, housed in mugs,are available for £10.00 a piece while die-cast models of a London taxi and double decker bus can be had for £12.00 each. In addition, Transport for London has more Olympic offerings at its official online shop. The 2012 Summer Olympic games in London run through August 12th.

New Pictures of LEGO Star Wars Palpatine’s Arrest Surface

Pictures of Palpatine’s Arrest, the 645 piece LEGO Star Wars set depicting the chancellors apprehension, have recently surfaced.  Six different figures, including; Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Chancellor Palpatine, Saesee Tiin, Anakin Skywalker and Agen Kolar are included in the set. Presumably set to be priced at $89.99, based on the European price of 89.99 € , the set is slated to be a Toys R Us exclusive.

Source: HothBricks