New Lord of the Rings Funko Wave out Next Year

A brand new wave of Funko Pop figures and Mystery Minis will be released early next year. Pop! Figures of Merry, Pippin, Gollum, Aragorn and Lurtz will be released in February and March 2018. Also featured in the wave will be a 6 inch tall Treebeard figure, as well as a chase variant of Gollum that features him holding a fish. Invisible Gollum will be exclusive to book retailer Barnes and Noble, while Toys R Us will have dibs on the Aragorn as King Elessar figure.

A Mystery Minis lineup will also be released in February, 2018, featuring figures of  Frodo, Samwise, Merry & Pippin, Aragorn, Gollum, Saruman, Galadriel, among others.

While Pop! figures retail at roughly $10, a Mystery Minis at $6, expect them to be marked up more at retailers like Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth.

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LEGO The Hobbit To Get Two New Polybags

LEGO The Hobbit 30125 Legolas GreenleafThe LEGO The Hobbit theme now has two more polybag sets to call its own. The two new sets are Legolas Greenleaf 30215 (pictured above) and Lake-town Guard 30216 (pictured below). While both sets are expected to be avilable in January, the Lake-town Guard polybag has already been sighted at Toys R Us.

LEGO The Hobbit 30216 Lake-town GuardSource: Brickset

New LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Pirate Ship Ambush Set Nearly 2 Feet Long

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Pirate Ship Ambush 79008

New snaps of the upcoming LEGO The Lord Of The Rings 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush have showcased the immense size of the set. The ship will stand more than a foot tall and will run nearly two feet long. The set, which is slated for a June release, will also feature nine minifigures, including: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, King of the Dead, two Soldiers of the Dead, the Pirate of Umbar and two Mordor Orcs.

Source: Lord of the Brickmotayan, Brickipedia

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Summer 2013 Set Images Leaked

LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Summer 2013Set images, taken from what seems like a retailers catalog, of the  Summer 2013 LEGO The Lord Of The Rings have leaked out on to the internet. Four new sets are slated for a June 2013 release. The set lineup (with their respective minifigures) include:

  • 79005The Wizard Battle: Gandalf the Grey and Saruman Minifigs
  • 79006The Council of Elrond: Elrond, Frodo, Arwen and Gimli
  • 79007Battle at the Black Gate: Gandalf the White, Aragorn, The Witch King of Angmar & 2 x Morder Orc
  • 79008Pirate Ship Ambush: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, King of Dead, 2 x Soldiers of Dead, 2 x Mordor Orc and 2 x Corsair Pirate

Since the pictures are only preliminary, it is possible prior to their release in the summer of 2013, that the sets may change somewhat. New details about the 2013 LEGO The Lord of the Rings lineup should emerge in the coming weeks and months and possibly specify details such as price and piece count.

Source: Lord Of The Brick, TheBrickTeen

LEGO The Hobbit Set Lineup Details Unveiled

LEGO The Hobbit with Gandalf the Grey

The new LEGO The Hobbit theme will soon be upon us and thanks to, details from the set lineup are now available. Upcoming LEGO The Hobbit sets include:

  • 79000 Mystery of the Ring – 105 pieces – € 13.99 ~ $17.00
  • 79001 Spiders of Mirkwood Forest – 298 pieces – € 31.49 ~ $39.00
  • 79002 Attack of the Wargs – 400 pieces – € 59.99 ~ $75.00
  • 79003 An Unexpected Gathering – 652 pieces – € 79.99 ~ $100.00
  • 79010 The Orc King – 841 pieces – € 99.99 ~$125.00

Expect to see these sets roll out into stores this winter.

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LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Video Game Gets An Epic Cover

Taking a page from the movie trilogy, LEGO has designed a very epic cover for the upcoming LEGO The Lord Of The Rings video game. Sure to catch the attention of fans, it may capture their hearts and minds as well, not to mention their wallets. Set for an October release, the game will be available on all major gaming platforms with some special editions of the game receiving an exclusive Elrond minifugre as well.

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Special Edition of LEGO Lord of the Rings Video Game Gets Exclusive Minifigure

LEGO Elrond Minifigure with cape and Golden WeaponA minifigure of the Elven Lord of Rivendell, Elrond, will be available exclusively with the purchase of the special edition of the LEGO The Lord of the Rings video game . Much like previous LEGO video games, such as the ones based on Star Wars and Batman, the LEGO The Lord of the Rings video game will be developed by English software house Traveller’s Tales. The game is set to be released this October on all major platforms.

Source: ToysNBricks