A Larger Than Usual Model of the Bullet Train

White with Blue Stripe HO Scale 1/87 Shinkansen Bullet Train N 7000

Like most  trains in Japan, the Shinkansen, better known as the Bullet Train in the west, is generally modeled in N scale. While the models, such as those made by Tomix or Kato, tend to capture all the detail they are still fairly small in size. But what if you want something bigger? Then KTM may have the answer with its HO Scale N700 Series Shinkansen. At nearly twice the size of its N scale brethren, each individual car in the series is priced at between $500 to $1000. And even if the HO scale model is still not a big enough Shinkansen for you, there is always G scale.

Playmobil Transportation Line Gets New RC Train

Playmobil City Action RC Freight Train Set With Light and Sound

The Playmobil Transportation lineup will soon have a new RC Train Set after taking a extended hiatus from releasing railroad products. Powered by nine batteries, the train features light and sound and like all other Playmobil trains is modeled in G-Scale. The train is set to come out at the end of August in Europe. No word yet on a release date in North America.

Passenger Trains Dominate Kato’s August and September Releases

N Superliner 4-Car Sets and Step Down Coach 2-car sets in Phase III with new car numbersAmtrak and Metra passenger trains, of N and HO scale, respectively, are the main releases for the months of August and September from Japanese model train manufacturer Kato. One batch of new releases includes the N Scale Superliner 4-Car Sets and Step Down Coach 2-car sets in Phase III with new car numbers (pictured above). Other products set to be released in August and September include: Read More »

Train and Scale Modelers Get Handy Multifunction App

Trying to covert the dimensions of a life sized locomotive to that of HO Scale? Why bother with a calculator or pencil and paper when there is an app to do just that! Model scenery company Woodland Scenics has developed a new app that can help convert modeling scales right on your mobile device. Intended for use by all types of hobbyists, from model railroaders to tabletop gamers, the app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore for Android. For more information on the app, check out Woodland Scenics official website.

China Gets its Very Own Special Gundam

A new, 20 foot tall statue of the RX-78, featuring a color design by Chinese artists, will be on display at the upcoming China International Animation, Cartoon and Game Fair in Shanghai. Running from July 12th to the 16th, the RX-78 on display at the fair will have its very own Gunpla kit released as well. Exclusive to the Chinese market, the MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 2.0 China Special Ver kit will be available starting on July 12th through the official Bandai shop, at Namco Bandai sponsored events in China, and the Taobaowan online shop.

Source: Gundam.info