Pokemon Dominates European TCG Sales

According to new information released by The Pokemon Company International, Pokemon captured 82% of the TCG market in Europe in 2017. In Europe,  Pokemon TCG had sales of more than €100 million in 2017, with the overall market, including Pokemon, bringing in €122 million.

Sales of the TCG grew 42% in the United Kingdom, 56% in Spain and a whopping 644% in Italy.

Given the data provided by TCPI, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering, along with other TCGs, captured only 18% of sales last year.


PSA 10 Pokemon Shadowless Base Set Goes for $31,300

A complete PSA 10 set of the Shadowless Base Set has just sold on eBay for $31,300. Consigned by PWCC , the auction featured all 102 original cards from the Wizards of the Coast English Shadowless Base Set, including both versions of Pikachu (Yellow and Red cheeks).

Based on the auction sale values of individual cards PSA 10 shadowless base set cards over the past few months, there were expectations that the complete set would sell for a much higher amount, but that did not seem to be the case.

Perhaps the specter of higher interest rates may also be leading to a decline in asset values and Pokemon cards do not appear to be an exception to that.

Pokemon TCG Represents Bulk of Gaming Sales Growth

Sales of games grew at a tepid 3% in the United States in 2017 according to data from NPD. This is a much lower rate of growth compared to the 18% that was seen in 2016.

Much of this growth was attributed due to increased sales of Pokemon that occurred during the first 8 months of 2017 thanks to the continued hype surrounding Pokemon Go.

Based on the data from NPD, it appears that the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in November for the DS did not help in lifting sales of the TCG towards the end of 2017.

Via ICV2 , Image via Derium’s Pokemon

Three New Japanese Pokemon Expansions To Be Released In the Next Three Months

The next three months holds a very busy release schedule for new expansion sets in Japan. A new set will be released in March, April and May. The expansion sets to be released (in chronological order) are:

SM6 Forbidden Light – March 3rd 

SM6a Dragon Storm – April 6th

SM6b Champion Road – May 3rd

Each set will be released on a Friday, with individual booster packs being priced at¥150 (~$1.41 USD). While Dragon Storm and Champion Road have no fully equivalent English releases, Forbidden Light has one that will be released on May 4th .

Sealed Pokemon Skyridge Booster Box Goes for $6,599

A sealed booster box of the Skyridge expansion, the last set to be released by Wizards of the Coast, just sold on eBay for $6,599. This is at least a 25% jump in sale price compared to the last auction of a Skyridge booster box, which went for less than $5300 (the exact sale price is unknown) in November, 2017.

While no other sealed Skyridge booster boxes are for sale on eBay at this time, individual booster packs, priced at $200 each, are available. 36 of those will run you more than $7000.

More Pokemon TCG Forbidden Light Details Unveiled

ICV2 has provided more details on the upcoming Forbidden Light Expansion. The set, which will be released on May 4th and feature more than 130 cards, including 8 GX cards, which are likely to be the most sought after:

  1. Necrozma-GX
  2. Lucario-GX
  3. Greninja-GX
  4. Zygarde-GX
  5. Yveltal-GX
  6. Naganadel-GX
  7. Volcanion-GX
  8. Arceus-GX

Forbidden Light will also feature 5 Prism cards,  6 Ultra Beast cards, 15 Trainer cards, and 2 Special Energy cards, 6 Ultra Beast cards, 15 Trainer cards, and 2 Special Energy cards.

Ultra Prism Temporarily Out of Print

Reports (video link) have surfaced that the newest Pokemon TCG expansion, Ultra Prism, is temporarily out of print, with no known time frame on when a reprint might be available. This appears to have driven up the price of booster boxes, at least temporarily, to over $100, while usually for most SM expansions they have been available at roughly $80.

It is unclear if this is an attempt by The Pokémon Company International to prevent further saturation and the downward pressure on prices that the market for recent Pokemon releases has seen. Or, in a more likely scenario, it simply may be a way for them to fix the printing error the Cyrus Prism Star card featured.

More official information will likely be available soon.

Magikarp Gets Its Own Merchandise Line

Long ridiculed as a useless and weak Pokemon, Magikarp has finally been given some respect. A new line of merchandise based on Magikarp will be released by Banpresto on January 28th. The line will include a shoulder bag, regular and mini sized plates, and a set of glasses.

This may be end up being the biggest moment for water-type Pokemon since the release of the Shining Magikarp card in the early 2000s.

The merchandise line, called Ichiban KUJI Pokémon Research Magikarp, will be available in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Via Street Girls Snap