Final Fantasy IV Released For Android

Final Fantasy IV - Android

Final Fantasy IV is finally available for Android after being released late last year for iOS devices. Originally released in 1991, the Android version of Final Fantasy IV is based upon 2008’s 3D remake. Published and developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy IV is available for Android devices version 2.3 higher via the Google Play Store. The Final Fantasy series of games are among the most popular of all time with over 100 million units sold since the franchise’s inception. Final Fantasy IV has also been quite successful, selling more than 4 million units worldwide among all the platforms it has been available for.

New Warhammer Inspired Mobile Game Released

Warhammer Quest iOS ScreenshotThe first mobile game based on the Warhammer franchise has been released on iOS devices by British game developer Rodeo Games. Entitled Warhammer Quest, the game offers elements of both role-playing and strategy and features 25 hours of game play. Set within the world of Warhammer, the game also includes dungeon battles with the likes of orcs and goblins, the ability to loot a wide variety of items and of course, plenty of opportunities to help level up your character. The game is now available on the Apple App store for $5.

Dungeons And Dragons To Get Its First Ever Mobile Game

Dungeons and Dragons- Arena of War

Dungeons & Dragons will soon be getting its very  first mobile game thanks to a  partnership between the game’s publisher, Wizards of the Coast, and Japanese game developer DeNA. Entitled Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War, the game is set in the Forgotten Realms and provides a traditional role-playing game experience with quests, working with a group and of course, character leveling. The free to play title is set to be available for iPad, Phone and Android devices once it is released. To pre-register for the game, visit Arena of War’s official website.

LEGO Mindstorms Enters The Mobile Era

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Controlling your LEGO creations with your Android or iOS device will soon be a possibility thanks to the newest version of the LEGO Mindstorms system, EV3. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 will feature an Intelligent Brick (RCX) powered by Linux Firmware, that features a SD card slot as well as a built-in infrared sensor. In addition, the Intelligent Brick also allows for a more open platform to program for.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Intelligent Brick RCX Unlike previous iterations of Mindstorms, EV3 will allow for the Intelligent Brick to be programmed directly, without the use of a computer.  LEGO has also teamed up with software company Autodesk to provide a program that serves as a 3D building guide for EV3. Priced at $350, the 594 piece LEGO Mindstorms EV3 should be out in the latter half of 2013.

Source: Engadget, Technic Bricks

LEGO Android Robot’s Popularity Explodes on CUUSOO

Line Green LEGO CUUSOO Android RobotWhat apples are to the iPhone, the ubiquitous green robot is to devices running on the Android platform. With Android grabbing a 68% share of the smart phone market as of late, it is only natural that demand for a brick built Android robot has grown. In fact, it has grown so much so that a LEGO CUUSOO project aiming to put the lime green machine into production has gathered more than 5000 supporters in just one week! Featuring multiple points of articulation and a fair amount of detail, the project is well on its way to reach 10,000 supporters and garnering an official review from LEGO.


LEGO Life of George 2 Released

LEGO Life of George II Bricks for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Build, scan, score sums up LEGO’s Life of George perfectly. Building with LEGO bricks is combined with the competitiveness of a game developed for mobile devices, namely those on the iOS and Android platforms. Players can build as part of single and multi-player games as well as quizzes, scan their creations in an attempt to achieve a high score. With the LEGO Life of George 2 game itself downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play, the physical set itself will come complete with 144 pieces, a play mat and a George sticker.

Source: ToysNBricks

From iTunes App to Blind Boxed Collectible

16 Pocket God Mysterio Minis Poster

Pocket God is the 4th best selling Apple App store app of all time and with that status surely follows a new line of licensed merchandise. Dubbed Pocket God: Mysterio Minis, the new line of 2.5 inch vinyl figures are modeled after the Pygmy characters seen in the game. The Mysterio Minis lineup will consist of 16 different characters, all sold in a blind box with the figures having varying degrees of rarity.Read More »