BE@RBRICK Continues Nike Partnership

A tie up between Nike and Medicom has seen the release of a New Nike SB shoe along with matching 100% and 400% BE@RBRICK figures. Entitled Nike SB Dunks Low Elite x Medium Toy, the collaboration is the latest from the two companies, that have been partners for more than 15 years.

Announced by professional skater Theotis Beasley on his Instagram, the shoe was released on Black Friday. Given the prices the shoe is already fetching on eBay, it is safe to say that it no longer is available at retail. Sold separately, expect to pay about $175 for the shoes, and more than $200 for the 100% and 400% BE@RBRICKS.

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Merry Christmas from BE@RBRICK

Medicom plans to mark the upcoming Holiday Season with a new Christmas themed BE@RBRICK. The figure features a stained glass Christmas tree on a solid black background on the front, while the back is translucent with a simple white Christmas tree logo.

Sold as a pair, with one being the standard 100% size (70 mm / 2.8 in) BE@RBRICK, and the other 400% (280 mm / 11 in), the duo will be priced at ¥9,500 (roughly $85)

The figures are a follow up to a 100% figure released last year that featured Christmas Tree themed stained glass artwork.

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Towers Celebrate Their Birthdays with BE@RBRICK

To mark the 60th and 130th anniversaries of the Tokyo and Eiffel towers, respectively, BE@RBRICK has announced the release of two new figures.

The two figures feature a color scheme that matches the flag of each towers home nation, as well as a black and white imprint of the towers themselves.

Sold as a pair, the set is priced at nearly $60 and available online via French outlet colette, where they have already sold out.

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Medicom To Release Real Action Heroes Link Figure

Medicom Real Action Heroes Link

Best known as the protagonist of The Legend Of Zelda video game, Link will soon be the newest addition to Medicom’s Real Action Heroes line. The figure of Link will be 30 cm tall, roughly about 1/6th scale, and will feature clothing made out of real cloth as well as an array of accessories, such as the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Also included are a bow, a beetle grip and a swappable head that features Link’s “battle” face. Based on the version of Link seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pre-orders for the figure are set to begin on March 24th. The figure of Link will be released in November and will feature a price of roughly $220.

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Batman is certainly a larger than life character and suitably Medicom Toy will be producing a BE@RBRICK 400% Dark Knight Rises version of the figure. The figure stands nearly a foot tall and is based upon the Batman character seen in the popular motion picture, The Dark Knight Rises. The average BE@RBRICK stands about 3 inches tall but the 400% editions are 4 times the size and are more than 11 inches tall. The figure will be priced at ¥7,140 or about $80 and will be available  this May.

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Snoopy Sets Off Into Space

Medicom Toy VCD Snoopy Astronauts Ver - Charlie Brown PeanutsWhile it has been decades since man last set foot on the moon, there is no reason everyone’s favorite dog, Snoopy, should not be given the chance to do so! Launched on November 29th by Medicom toy, the VCD SNOOPY (ASTRONAUTS Ver.) figure stands nearly 9 inches tall and sports a retro 60’s space suit. Part of the Project 1/6 vinyl figure line, the signature Peanuts character is now available for the price of ¥9,240 or roughly $112 USD.

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BE@RBRICK and Bose To Offer New Promotional Figure


Bose and Medicom have teamed up to offer an exclusive BE@RBRICK, inspired by the high end audio equipment brand, to audiophile, toy collecting, consumers in Japan. Those who spend more than ¥9,000 (roughly $109) at the new Tenjin IMS store (Fukuoka) and Bose Premium Store Shinsaibashi will receive an exclusive limited edition BE@RBRICK Bose figure. The promotion starts on November 30th and may be available in other Bose location’s in Japan as well.

Source: Medicom Toy Blog