New Kre-O Transformers Sets Make Debut Online

The Transformer’s Kre-O line marches forward with two new sets, Stealth Bumblebee and Rotor Rage, making their first appearance in online stores. The Stealthy Bumblebee set includes 4 Kreons and the option to build a Bumblebee vehicle while the Rotor Rage set includes 3 Kreons and the ability to build the Vortex robot. The two sets are part of the new Kre-O Quest for Energon lineup that will launch in its entirety this fall.

Source: Seibertron

Tonka Trucks to Get Adam Sandler Movie

After turning G.I Joe, Transformers and even the classic board game Battleship into movies, Hasbro is hoping to do the same with Tonka Trucks. Joining Hasbro is Adam Sandler, who will serve as the producer of the new film. Sony Pictures Animation will join Hasbro and Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions to bring the new animated Tonka film to life. Hasbro has also partnered with Sandler to produce a movie based on the board game Candy Land, and in addition, is developing a movie based around the Strech Armstrong action figure in conjunction with Relativity Media.

Source: EW 1, 2, KFFT List Guide (Picture)

These Bees are Not Leaving the Hive

Is seems that the Bumblebee Transformers have not been selling and instead, have resorted to warming toy shelves around the country . In fact, the crisis of shelf warming Bumblebees has reached such epidemic proportions that a tumblr has been created for the sole purpose of tracking such incidents in stores around the nation. It is safe to say that Bumblebee has transformed into a shelf warmer. But bad jokes aside, perhaps bees are best left to making honey.

Furby Making a Comeback?

Furby, the “unique” looking hamster/owlish creature¬† was the joy of children during the late 90s and the bane of parents who attempted to acquire one. After selling more than 40 million units from from 1998 to 2000, a span of just three years, and declining into relative obscurity after that, Hasbro’s Furby will be attempting to make a comeback in 2012.Read More »