LEGO Now World’s Most Valuable Toy Company

LEGO Headquarters Denmark-Billund$14.6 billion. That is the estimated market capitalization of privately held toy maker LEGO. This makes the Danish company the world’s most valuable toy manufacturer by market capitalization, just ahead of American firm Mattel, which is valued at $14.4 billion, while Hasbro trails far behind both companies with a value of $5.4 billion. Japanese toy manufacturers Bandai and Tomy had a value of roughly $3.85 billion and $520 million respectively while Canadian firm Mega Brands, manufacturer of Mega Bloks, had a market capitalization slightly over $200 million.

Led by CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, LEGO saw revenues rise 25% last year and manufactured an impressive 45.7 billion bricks. LEGO’s greatly expanded its product offerings in recent years adding themes based on licenses such as The Lone Ranger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and Marvel and DC Superheroes. It has also created new original properties such as Friends, Ninjago and Chima. LEGO stores have also proliferated across North America and Europe.

The Kristiansen family, which owns LEGO, controls its stake through Kirkbi A/S, an investment company headquartered in the same town as LEGO, Billund, Denmark. Kirkbi  also owns 36% of Merlin Entertainments Group; the owner of the LEGOLAND theme parks and Discovery Centers among other attractions around the world. Merlin Entertainments Group recently opened two new LEGOLAND theme parks, one in Florida and another in Malaysia as well as a LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Toronto, Canada with plans for another in New Jersey.

Source: Bloomberg, New York Times

Toys R Us To Offer Two New Exclusive Jurassic Park Playsets

Hasbro Jurassic Park-Allosaurus Assault

Retailer Toys R Us will soon be offering two new exclusive Jurassic Park playsets from Hasbro for sale. The toy line is set to be launched by Hasbro in anticipation of the release of the Jurassic Park 3D movie. Jurassic Park toys were originally made by Kenner, a company that Hasbro purchased in 2000. The two Jurassic Park playsets ,the  Pachyrhinosaurus Clash (pictured below) and the Allosaurus Assault (pictured above) each feature a 3.75 inch figure that are based on G.I Joe figure molds.

Hasbro Jurassic Park-Pachyrhinosaurus Clash

Hasbro also recently announced a Jurassic Park Kre-O line that will be based on Jurassic Park IV, which is set to be released next summer.

Source: Toy News International

Jurassic Park To Get Its Own Kre-O Line

Jurassic Park Logo

The fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise will be getting its own line of Kre-O construction sets thanks to a partnership between Hasbro and Universal. Jurassic Park will be the latest media franchise to get its own Kre-O line and will follow in the footsteps of G.I Joe, Transformers, Battleship and the soon to be released Star Trek construction set assortment. The line is set to be released soemtime in the Summer of 2014 while the movie, Jurassic Park IV, will be released on June 13,2014. This is not the first time though that Jurassic Park has inspired a line of consturction sets. Previously, in conjunction with the opening of the third Jurassic Park movie in 2001, LEGO released a line of sets that were a part of its Studios theme.

Source: Toy News International, Planet Minecraft (Image)

Hasbro Puts A New Spin On The Marble


Hasbro has announced a new product line at the New York Toy Fair 2013 based on an upcoming B-DAMAN television show. The products from the line, developed in conjunction with Japanese firm TakaraTomy, allow for marble battles with the use of arenas and figures of characters from the TV show. The B-DAMAN figures (such as the one pictured below) can also interface with a mobile application allowing for virtual marble battles to take place online with opponents from around the globe. Items in the B-DAMAN line will include:

  • B-DAMAN Figure with Accessory ($12.99) – Includes a B-DAMAN figure, two marbles, one tool, two targets and a unique accessory.
  • B-DAMAN Two Packs ($14.99) – Includes two B-DAMAN figures, four marbles, and two targets.
  • B-DAMAN Ultimate Packs ($19.99) – Includes a B-DAMAN figure, three accessory pieces, two marbles, and a target.
  • B-DAMAN SURGE STRIKE Arena ($14.99) – Includes completely enclosed arena walls, six marbles and one target play set.
  • B-DAMAN VERTIGO SPIN Arena ($14.99) – Includes completely enclosed arena walls, six marbles and one target play set.
  • B-DAMAN BREAK BOMBER BATTLEFIELD Arena ($29.99) – Includes one deluxe target play set with 25 blocks, completely enclosed arena walls, two B-DAMAN figures, two B-DAMAN Wide Magazine Accessory pieces and 16 marbles (pictured at top).

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Hot Toys and Hasbro Team Up For G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Figure

Hot Toys G.I. Joe Retaliation- 1/6th scale Snake Eyes Collectible Figure

The first images of the new G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Figure Collectible Figure have been unveiled in anticipation of the March release of the G.I Joe Retaliation movie. Hasbro has teamed up with Hong Kong based Hot Toys to produce the 1/6th scale figure, making it the first time that Hot Toys, well known for its 1/6th scale figures, will be working with the G.I Joe license. The figure of Snake Eyes features him in his black military ninja bodysuit and also includes a fitting selection of accessories as well as swappable pairs of hands in a variety of grips. Hot Toys will also be releasing figures of Roadblock, Storm Shadow and  Joe Colton based on characters from the G.I Joe Retaliation movie.

Source: Toy News International

New KRE-O G.I. Joe Building Set Line Revealed


The KRE-O G.I Joe lineup was finally unveiled at Hasbro’s New York Comic Con preview night event. Hasbro is giving the combination of G.I Joe’s and construction blocks a second try, after a previous short lived attempt in the 2000s with the Built To Rule line. The sets, which will be Toys R Us exclusives, will depict the staple cast of characters, scenes and vehicles from the long running media franchise. Read More »

Kreon Micro Changers Make Their Debut


Hoping to jump on the collectible blind bagged figure bandwagon, Hasbro recently  released the Kre-o Transformers Kreon Micro Changers Line. The line features an assortment of 6 different Transformers inspired robots. Each robot has two modes, allowing it to be rebuilt as an alternative model. The new Kreon Micro Changers series will be taking its place alongside many other similar lines, such as  LEGO Collectible Minifigures, Playmobil figures, and Mega Bloks blind bagged Power Rangers, Halo and Hello Kitty figures.

New Kre-O Transformers Sets Make Debut Online

The Transformer’s Kre-O line marches forward with two new sets, Stealth Bumblebee and Rotor Rage, making their first appearance in online stores. The Stealthy Bumblebee set includes 4 Kreons and the option to build a Bumblebee vehicle while the Rotor Rage set includes 3 Kreons and the ability to build the Vortex robot. The two sets are part of the new Kre-O Quest for Energon lineup that will launch in its entirety this fall.

Source: Seibertron

Tonka Trucks to Get Adam Sandler Movie

After turning G.I Joe, Transformers and even the classic board game Battleship into movies, Hasbro is hoping to do the same with Tonka Trucks. Joining Hasbro is Adam Sandler, who will serve as the producer of the new film. Sony Pictures Animation will join Hasbro and Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions to bring the new animated Tonka film to life. Hasbro has also partnered with Sandler to produce a movie based on the board game Candy Land, and in addition, is developing a movie based around the Strech Armstrong action figure in conjunction with Relativity Media.

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