A Figma figure of Yami Yugi, the leading character of anime franchise Yu-Gi-Oh!, is now available for pre-order from comic shops affiliated with Diamond Comic Distributors.

Yami Yugi, the alter ego of Yugi Moto, will stand a bit over 5 inches, tall, the height that Figma figures tend to be.

As typical with Max Factory’s figures, Yami Yugi will come with a number of accessories, interchangeable heads and heads with different facial expressions and poses.

The figure of Yami Yugi will be priced at $85.99.

Via Toy Chest News

AJ’s Toy Boarders Hit The Slopes

AJs Toy SnowboardersAJ’s Toy Boarders are no longer confined to the skate park, they are hitting the powdery slopes now as well. Much like the previous AJ’s Toy Boarders series, there will be eight different poses in the first series. The eight different figures in Series 1 snow will be called: Big Air, Switch, Rail Slide, Rail Ggrab, Tail Grab, Cruising, Bomber, 180. Packed in bags of 24, AJ’s Toy Snowboarders are now available from MindtwisterUSA.

Mega Bloks Releases New Assortment of Hello Kitty Collectible Figures

Mega Bloks Hello Kitty blind packs – the Vacation Series 3

Mega Bloks has released a new series of Hello Kitty blind packs that feature an assortment of eight different collectible figures of the ubiquitous Japanese bobtail cat. The latest offering of the Mega Bloks Hello Kitty blind packs is called the Vacation Series. The series features Hello Kitty in Safari, Hawaiian, Surfing and Snorkling attire as well as in a variety of others. Part of the third series in the line, each Vacation Series blind pack contains one mystery character and is priced at $2.99.

Source: Mega Bloks Blog

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack Review

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack BoxThroh and Sawk are the martial artists of the ever expanding Pokemon world. Both creatures don the elegant white robes that are best known as icons of the Eastern fighting styles they represent. While both Throh and Sawk are quite different, they each also share some similarities. Both are male only, fighting type Pokemon who do not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. The new Pokemon Throw vs. Sawk Figure Pack from Tomy recreates the pair of fighting Pokemon in miniature.Read More »

New Line of Collectible Figures Released By K’NEX

KNEX KNEXmen Mystery Figures

K’NEX, best known for its construction toy system featuring rods and connectors, has released a new line of collectible figures called K’NEX K’NEXmen. Packed two to a blind bag, the figures feature points of articulation at the elbows, knees, waist and neck. The first series of K’NEXmen will feature 16 different figures, all of which are compatible with other construction toy systems. Now available and priced at $2.99 per pack, the series will include figures such as pirates, astronauts, race car drivers and even zombies.