Matchbox Launches 60th Anniversary Line

Matchboxs 60th Anniversary Line

Mattel is launching a line of 24 diecast vehicles to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Matchbox.  Featuring the likes of the Lamorghini Giardo Police Car, Aston Martin DBS Volante, Jeep Wrangler Superlift and Porsche 911 GT3 2007, Mattel has suggested the diecast models would make a “a great alternative gift for Father’s Day”. Each of the 24 diecast cars that are part of the line will be packed in a classic matchbox sized box.

Source: Toy News

Two New Circuit Playsets Part of Tomica Mario Kart 7 Lineup

Tomica Mario Kart 7 GOGO! Circuit

As part of its new Mario Kart 7 line Tomica will be releasing a pair of circuit playsets inspired by the 3DS racing title. One of the new playsets is the Tomica Mario Kart 7 GOGO! Circuit (pictured above). The circuit is powered by two AAA batteries, which allow for the recently released Karts from the game to race around the track while a “gravel gimmick” makes the patch of each vehicle unpredictable. Read More »

Tomica Releases Mario Kart 7 Model Car Assortment

Tomy Tomica Mario Kart 7 Racecars

Tomica has released a new assortment of model cars from the popular Nintendo 3DS title Mario Kart 7 featuring Mario, Toad, Luigi and Yoshi. Two kart varieties are available for each character, standard and Bumble V, with both vehicles featuring a removable kite. The model karts are due out in the middle of March and will be priced at roughly $8 each. Released in late 2011, Mario Kart 7 has sold more than 4.5 million copies and is the second best selling 3DS title behind Super Mario 3D Land.

Source: VideoGame MM

A Hot Wheels Vending Machine

Hot Wheels Vending Machine - Camaro-MaticVisitors to the Canadian International AutoShow, which took place in Toronto, Ontario, were in for a treat thanks to The Hot Wheels Camaro-matic Trending Machine. Visitors had the opportunity to tweet at the machine, which in turn would dispense a Hot Wheel’s Camaro diecast model. In order to receive a free Hot Wheels car, visitors would have to stand near the vending machine and enable Twitter’s location services to ensure that they were in close proximity to the Camaro-matic, then, they would have to tweet to @HotWheelsCanada while using the hashtag #ChevyCIAS. The vending machine was the brainchild of marketing company TrojanOne and Chevrolet Canada. TrojanOne modified the machine by allowing it to connect to the internet and communicate with Twitter.

Source: Gizmag

Takara Tomy To Release Three New Tomica Hyper Series Liners

Tomica Hyper Series Trains

This March is set to see the release of three new Tomica Hyper Series Liners/Trains from Takara Tomy. The three new Plarail compatible Liners include the Rescue Liner, the Blue Police Liner and the Builder Liner. Each liner includes a host of features, such as a train car that can transport vehicles as well as unload them, instruments that pop out when driven over a special Plarail track piece and the ability to attach accessories from other Hyper Series playsets to the individual train cars. In addition, each locomotive car also has a cockpit with space for one figure. Each Hyper Series Line consists of three train cars and will be priced at ¥3,000 or about roughly $30. For more information on the Hyper Series Liners, check out Takara Tomy’s official product page.

Mega Bloks And Mattel Team Up For New Hot Wheels Construction Set Line

Mega Bloks Hot Wheels 2013-Super Blitzen Monster Truck

A new line of Hot Wheels inspired constructable vehicles will be released in 2013 by Mega Bloks in association with Mattel. The Mega Bloks Hot Wheels collection will include construction sets such as the Build and Race assortment, a line of vehicles that are ripcord-powered and the Hot Wheels Test Facility. Other sets in the collection include the Urban Agent Escape Rig, which comes with a missile launcher and test ramp, and the motorized 3-in-1 Super Blitzen Monster Truck (pictured above), which can be transformed into three different vehicles with the use of custom parts. In addition, each set also comes complete with a Team Hot Wheels figure. The Mega Bloks Hot Wheels line was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair 2013, which runs from February 10th to the 13th in New York City. The new line’s announcement comes on the heels of another partnership between Mega Bloks and Mattel, which saw the creation of Barbie Mega Bloks construction sets which launched in late 2012.