The Brick Apple

The Big Apple-New York City Built Out of LEGO

3D Artist and Motion designer JR Schmidt has created a vivid 3D illustration focused on Manhattan and some of the Outer Boroughs of New York City. Entitled LEGO New York, the work is based on maps and satellite imagery of The Big Apple with the shades of the bricks representing changes in elevation.The design is available on prints, cards and canvasses as well as on iPhone and iPod skins and cases. They are available for purchase from the artist, starting at $12.

Source: Hypebeast

New Chanel Clutch Draws Design Inspiration From LEGO

Green Karl Lagerfeld LEGO Chanel ClutchFamed German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has created a new Clutch for Chanel using LEGO inspired design. Aside from the above pictured green, the clutch will also be available in yellow and pink and will be part of the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. LEGO, as of late, has increasingly been incorporated into fashion design and occasionally can even be spotted on the runways.

Source: StupidDope, ThinkContra

Pokemon Becomes Chic

Pikachu, Snorlax, Gengar, Plusle, and Minun: Bag, Socks, Plush, Comb, Mirror, Mug, PinA host of Pokemon will soon be transformed into far more artistic and chic versions of themselves thanks to the design sensibilities of artist Momo Okada. Pokemon Centers in Japan will soon start carrying the line of goods, called, PokeMomo. Items range from a fittingly sized Snorlax plush that will be priced at ¥3500, to a mug  featuring artsy Pocket Monster designs for ¥1000. The line is set to depict a variety of characters from the long running media franchise including: Pikachu , Snorlax, Gengar, Plusle, and Minun. Expect to see the PokeMomo line out August 11th.

Source: Tomopop

From Steel and Concrete to LEGO Bricks

It takes a great feat to turn the look of a steel and concrete bridge to the ABS plastic inspired aesthetics of a LEGO Brick, but German artist Martin Heuwold (aka “Megx”) has managed to do just that. It took Megx just four weeks to paint a bridge in Germany to give it the appearance of being made out LEGO elements. Located in the town of Wuppertal, the LEGO inspired street art covers an area of more than 250 square meters.

Source: Huffington Post

A Minifigure Sized Terracotta Army: An Interview with Artist Robert W. Darabos

The Terracotta Army, located in Shaanxi province, China, is one of the most iconic art installations mankind has ever seen. Robert W. Darabos, an artist from Saginaw,Michigan, plans to create his own version of the Terracotta Army, with the warriors taking the form of LEGO Minifigures. Having launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, Robert recently spoke about his art, his background, and the Terracotta Army he plans to build: Read More »