Shinkansen to Feature Evangelion Paint Scheme

500 Type EVA Project

To celebrate the 40th and 20th anniversary of the Sanyo Shinkansen and Neon Genesis Evangelion respectively, the West Japan Railway Company will be outfitting its 500 Series Shinkansen with an Eva inspired paint scheme. Starting in Autumn 2015 and running tunil March, 2017, the promotion will feature NGE inspired travel experience, events and memorabilia.

EVA 500 Series Shinkansen

Diamond Comic Distributors To Release New My Neighbor Totoro Inspired Goods

My Neighbor Totoro Totoro on a Choo-Choo Diorama

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most critically acclaimed animated films of all time as well as one of the many masterpieces created by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. So it should be no surprise that even though the film was released in the late 80s, new merchandise based on the film will be released starting in April all thanks to a partnership between Diamond Comic Distributors and Japanese distributor BENELIC. One of the new items, which is priced at $39.99 and is to be released this April is the My Neighbor Totoro Totoro on a Choo-Choo Diorama (pictured above) which features Totoro sitting inside a small wooden train. Other new items include: Read More »

Hello Kitty Syncs With EVA Unit-01

Evangelion Unit-01 Hello Kitty Plush Hello Kitty and Evangelion are undertaking a new collaboration featuring, who else, but a plush Hello Kitty outfitted with EVA Unit-01’s armor. The plush can also sport dog tags (which are actually key chains) that feature Hello Kitty and Evangelion inspired designs. Due out in March, the new Evangelion Synchronized with Hello Kitty plush and key chain will be available through the Japanese department store ZOZOTOWN and will be priced at ¥2,100 / $24 and ¥1,050 / $12 each, respectively.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Tamashii DX VF-171 Nightmare Plus Pictures Revealed

Macross Frontier Tamashii DX VF-171 Nightmare Plus Fighter Mode

Pictures of the upcoming DX Chogokin VF-171 Nightmare Plus have appeared on Tamashii’s website. The nearly 10 inch tall figure of the Variable Fighter from the Macross Frontier anime transforms from fighter mode to GERWALK mode to Battroid mode and features die-cast, in addition to plastic parts.

Macross Frontier Tamashii DX VF-171 Nightmare Plus Battroid Mode

The DX Chogokin VF-171 Nightmare Plus is due out April, 2013 and will carry a price tag of ¥ 14,700 or about $170.

Source: Toy Ark

So You Want to Build A Mecha

Suidobashi Heavy Industry Kuratas 13 Foot Tall Mech/MechaSo you have decided that you want to build a mecha? Watched a little bit too much Gundam or Macross and just wished those darned mechanical monstrosities would come to life? If buying or building an actual mecha is not realistic feasible, why not make your own model, perhaps out of a variety of plastic construction blocks and bricks? Building a mecha (or at least a scale model) can be quite practical and as simple as you want it with construction block sets. Lets take a look at a few different construction block kits that allow you to build your own mecha model below:Read More »

Neon Genesis Rody

Inflatable horses are not the first thing that come to mind when thinking of a Sci-Fi anime, but the Rody may change your mind about that. Made by Gymnic in Italy, the Rody / Neon Genesis Evangelion mashup features an assortment of horses in a variety of color schemes from the anime franchise. While originally designed for the younger crowd, the Rody may be the closest one can get to piloting an EVA unit, at least for the time being.

The Inspiring Beauty of Ni no Kuni

Studio Ghibli is renowned for its captivating animation. While traditionally known as a film studio, Ghibli  lent its talents, along with game developer Level-5, to the development of the beautifully designed PlayStation 3 title Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch . GameZone recently posted a preview of the game which is due out in the first quarter of 2013. Set to be published by Namco Bandai  in the West, the game has already had a successful launch and has been met with critical acclaim in Japan, where it came out in late 2011.

Source: GameZone