AJ’s Toy Boarders Surf Series Review

Pack-AJs Toy Boarders Surf Series
A Pack of AJs Toy Boarders Surf Series

AJ’s Toy Boarders, unlike surf boards, can surf anywhere. In water, snow, sand and even on your furniture. Just a little under 2 inches tall, these plastic figures can go just about anywhere. Each series comes with 8 different poses, with three of each pose featured in each pack.

AJs Toy Boarders Surfing
All 8 Different Poses

While green plastic army men tend to come mind as being the most compatible with AJ’s Toy Boarders, plastic Cowboys and Indians and even plastic dinosaurs would fit perfectly into their miniature world as would the other series of AJ’s Toy Boarders that feature snowboarders and skateboarders.

AJs Toy Boarder Figure
Surfing The Web

Priced at $5.95 and sold in a pack of 24, AJ’s Toy Boarders are great for display or play, no matter your age and perhaps are the only way to catch some waves any time, any place.

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Tomy Pokemon White Kyurem Figure-Box

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