AJ’s Toy Boarders Vs. Plastic Green Army Men

AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 2
Surfing Along
AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 1
Trouble Ahead
AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 3
You Shall Not Pass
AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 6
Backup Arrives
AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 4
A Minor Scuffle Occurs
AJs Toy Boarders Vs Green Plastic Army Men - 5
On Second Thought, You Shall Pass!

*No plastic figures were hurt in the making of this story.

Dollar Store Finds: Trading Cards

Magic The Gathering Cards

Dollar Tree is generally not the first place you would look when searching for trading cards. Although, the retail chain offers repackaged packs of trading cards, such as Yu-Gi-Oh (sold in packs of 9), Magic: The Gathering(sold in packs of 10, pictured above) and Dragon Ball Z (sold in packs of six, pictured below) and only for $1. While none of the cards are particular rare or new, the price point certainly does provide a great sampling of what a trading card game can offer.

Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards

The World’s Smallest Model Train

T-Scale Gauge Train On FingerWith a scale ratio of 1:450, Japanese firm Eishindo‘s T gauge model trains are the smallest in the world. Many model train scales are relatively small but Eishindo takes miniature to an whole new level. The T Gauge trains are so small in fact that they can sit on the tip of your finger! The track gauge (distance between the two rails of a track) is a miniscule 3 millimeters.Read More »

Looking At The Building Blocks Of The United States On Election Day

Nanoblock White HouseNovember 6 marks election day in the United States and voters head to the polls to elect a candidate in a hard fought race for the White House (nanoblock version pictured above) . But, while politics may divide people, there are symbols of America that bring people together and serve as visual representations of United States and what the nation is about. Here is a small selection of some of these American icons, modeled using nanoblocks:

The Statue Of Liberty serves as an icon of American values the world around. Also known as Liberty Enlightening The World, Lady Liberty is best summed up by the lines: Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Taken from the sonnet, The New Colossus, the lines are inscribed on a bronze plaque located in a museum at the Statue’s base.

The 1,250 Ft tall Empire State Building is one of the most notable buildings located in New York City. Built in 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest building the world for more than 40 years. The building has also managed to keep up with the times, gaining LEED certification in September, 2011.

Nanoblock USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise Aircraft carrier began service in 1962 and is a whopping 1,123 feet long. In fact, the Enterprise is the longest naval vessel in the world and has a crew of more than 4,600 and has capacity of up to 90 aircraft. The Enterprise has been the longest serving Aircraft carrier in the US Navy’s history and is set to be decommissioned in 2013.

Politics aside, it is always good to step back once in a while and marvel at and truly appreciate the icons and symbols of America.

So You Want to Build A Mecha

Suidobashi Heavy Industry Kuratas 13 Foot Tall Mech/MechaSo you have decided that you want to build a mecha? Watched a little bit too much Gundam or Macross and just wished those darned mechanical monstrosities would come to life? If buying or building an actual mecha is not realistic feasible, why not make your own model, perhaps out of a variety of plastic construction blocks and bricks? Building a mecha (or at least a scale model) can be quite practical and as simple as you want it with construction block sets. Lets take a look at a few different construction block kits that allow you to build your own mecha model below:Read More »