CaDA Releases Summer Japanese Coffee Shop Set

CaDA Summer Japanese Coffee Shop
CaDA Summer Japanese Coffee Shop

Just in time for the start of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, Chinese brand CaDA has released a Japanese Coffee Shop set inspired by the season.

With a retail price of $79.99, the set features 1116 pieces and a USB powered lighting functionality for the shop, with 8 different lighting effects.While no figures are included, the shop is built to minfig scale, making it easy enough to add your own.

Not just a static model, the set features interactive functionality such as a removable roof, sliding doors, a sunshade that can be extended with the use of a knob, as well as an opening skylight.

The set, designed by Tong Xin Jun a.k.a ExeSandbox, also features a Japanese urban aesthetic that compliments another CaDA model well, the Steamed Bun Shop.