Cold War Era Lim-5 Set Announced by Cobi

Cobi Lim-5 Set
Cobi Lim-5 Set

The Lim-5, the Polish made version of the MiG-17, is the newest set to be added to Cobi’s Cold War Historical Collection.

Featuring 575 bricks and priced at 49.99 EUR, the Lim-5 set is built at a 1:32 scale and includes one Polish pilot minifigure.

As with many Cobi modes, no stickers are used in the building of the set, with all printed parts, such as insignia, being pad printed on different building elements.

Stickers have become a divisive topic in building block communities, withs some builders having a strong preference for their use, while others feel that they are overused in set design and find it preferable to utilize printed parts.

Via Cobi