LEGO Prices to Rise

LEGO Set - Bank 6566
Expect to tap your bank accounts a little bit more for new LEGO sets. Image via Brickipeida

Inflation spares no one, and its causes and impacts will soon result in a number of LEGO sets seeing a price increase.

The Danish firm recently announced that they will be raising the prices of a number of sets later this year, in August and September. While inflation in the United States has recently been recorded at a little more than 8%, and in the Eurozone at roughly the same amount, prices on a number of sets are expected to rise from between 5% to 25%.

LEGO, which recently reported record profits and sales, has blamed “raw material and operating costs” as the driver of the price increases, complaints similar to those made by firms in other industries that have been forced to raise prices. While the cost per brick in any given set has remained stable over the past few years, there have been many fan complaints of declining quality.

Though LEGO has always tried to position the brand as a premium one, there has been focus on cost cutting and reducing manufacturing costs in recent years. One way this was achieved was by moving most brick production outside of the company’s home base in Billund, where pieces had been primarily manufactured for decades, after the company faced a financial crisis in the early 2000s. This, along with other efforts to reduce expenditures, may be responsible for the reported reduction in the quality of bricks we see today.

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