Free Azari LEGO Elves Figure Now Available

LEGO Elves 30259 Azaris Magic Fire

Fans of the newly released LEGO Elves theme will have the opportunity to receive a free polybag set feature an Azari the Fire Elf figure this March. The polybag, Azari’s Magic Fire, is free with any purchase of a LEGO Elves set throughout the month of March at LEGO stores in North America. Azari is one of the five main characters that are part of the LEGO Elves theme, the others include:

LEGO Elves Aira the Wind Elf
Aira the Wind Elf
LEGO Elves Farran the Earth Elf
Farran the Earth Elf
LEGO Elves Emily Jones
Emily Jones
LEGO Elves Naida the Water Elf
Naida the Water Elf

via ToysNBricks

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