LEGO Elves To Make Their Debut in 2015

LEGO will be releasing a new fantasy inspired theme in 2015 based upon the styling of LEGO Friends. The sets will feature mini-doll figures as seen in the LEGO Friends and LEGO Disney Princess themes. Thus far, six images of sets from the LEGO Elves theme have been leaked, they include:

Price points for some of the sets have also surfaced, pricing them between $19.99 to $99.99.

Source: Bloks Forum

3 thoughts on “LEGO Elves To Make Their Debut in 2015

  1. […] LEGO Elves, the newly released LEGO theme, has a new trailer available for viewing on YouTube. The trailer sets the stage for the storyline of the new theme, which takes place in the Elven town of Elvendale, which features a greater element of fantasy than is seen in the existing LEGO Friends and LEGO Princess sets, themes that LEGO hopes LEGO Elves will complement. While 6 sets of LEGO Elves have been released, two new sets have also been announced: […]

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