Mega Bloks Joins The NYPD

Two new New York City Police Department themed sets will be joining the Mega Bloks World Builders theme. The World Builders line is best known for its sets based around real world vehicles from manufacturers such as John Deere, Caterpillar and Jeep. The new sets include:

Mega Bloks NYPD Mobile Command Center

NYPD Mobile Command Center – $29.99.

Mega Bloks NYPD Police Chopper

NYPD Police Chopper – $9.99

The NYPD is the largest police department in the United States as well as one of the most well known. Expect to see the two sets on store shelves in the near future.

Why A Macross LEGO Set Cannot Happen

LEGO CUUSOO Macross VF-1 ValkyrieDespite strong support on LEGO CUUSOO, the Macross project could not happen for one big reason. While only one project ended up making the cut on LEGO Ideas a long running dispute over who owns the rights to the Macross franchise in the United States has stymied the franchises development outside of Japan and especially in North America. While Macross was developed in Japan, its international distribution rights were sold to American company Harmony Gold, which is best known for releasing the Robotech adaption of the anime in the United States.

Harmony Gold has proved hostile towards the importation of Macross related products from Japan and still claims ownership of the international license, despite ownership technically belonging to Japanese firms Studio Nue and Big West. These owners of the Macross franchise have not challenged Harmony Gold putting things in a state of status quo ante bellum. Thus, partially for this reason, LEGO shelved the idea of a Macross set due to simply too many legal hurdles to jump through or rights and licensing holders to deal with.  LEGO likely will not just release a Macross set in the market where it would be easiest to do so (Japan), and ignore the rest of the world. But one can hope, that some day soon, intellectual property disputes will be a thing of past and LEGO and Macross fans everywhere can get their hands on a set of a VF-1_Valkyrie.