Create Your Own Kaitenzushi With New Plarail Set

Takara Tomy Arts Cho Niginigi Kaitenzushi (Super Energetic Revolving Sushi) setTakara Tomy Arts has released a Plarail set that allows you to create your very own kaitenzushi (revolving sushi) operation right in your own home! Featuring a battery powered boat locomotive, the set allows for four plates of sushi to be trucked around the track. The locomotive runs at a set speed to ensure that sushi can remain on the plate while the layout can also be expanded with more Plarail track. In addition, the set also comes complete with utensils to create rolls or blocks of rice to help in making your own sushi. Priced at ¥6,500 yen or roughly $65, the train set is now available for sale in Japan. And if you didn’t think this train set was novel enough, just check out the promotional video for it:

Source: Rocketnews

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