Cobra’s Terror Drome Returns

Kre-O GI JOE Cobra Terror DomePerhaps one of the most iconic play sets, and  in turn, structures from the G.I Joe animated series was the Terror Drome. Kre-O will be bringing the set back to store shelves nearly 30 years after the 3.75″ version was released and close to 50 years after the inception of the G.I Joe franchise. Made out of 856 pieces, the set comes with Kreons (figures) of Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy, Gung Ho, Blaine “Mainframe” Parker, Cobra Scar Trooper, Serpentor And Xamot. The Kre-O Cobra Terror Drome will be available in the fall of this year.

Hasbro Cobra Terror DromeThe original Terror Drome playset (pictured above) was released in 1986 for $44.99 and came with a Firebat and A.V.A.C figure, both of which are not included in the Kre-O set.No word yet on the retail for the new Kre-O Terror Drome.

Source: Comics Alliance

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