First The LEGO Movie Set Picture Emerges

70808 Super Cycle Chase The LEGO MovieThe first picture of a set from the upcoming The LEGO Movie theme has just emerged online, providing a glimpse of what the new line may offer once its released next year. The first set image is of the Super Cycle Chase (pictured above), which features four minifugures based on characters from the movie. Other sets in the theme will include:

  • 70800 Escape Glider
  • 70801 Melting Room
  • 70802 Pursuit
  • 70803 Fool Palace
  • 70804 Ice machine
  • 70805 Waste Crusher
  • 70806 Castle Cavalry
  • 70807 Metal Beard’s Duel
  • 70808 Super Motor Pursuit
  • 70809 Lord Business’ Hideout

Expect to see The LEGO Movie theme on store shelves sometime in 2014.

Source: Brickset

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