Parisian Restaurant To Be Next LEGO Modular Building

10243 LEGO Modular Building Parisian RestaurantThe popular LEGO Modular Building line is getting a brand new addition starting next year: A Parisian Restaurant. The incredibly detailed set captures the scenery and atmosphere one would come to expect from an upscale dining establishment. The first floor of the nearly one foot tall building serves as the restaurant, the second floor takes the form of an apartment, while the top floor features an artists studio with an opening roof. Featuring five minifigures and 2,469 pieces, the set will be out in January,2014 at a price of $159.99.

Two New LEGO Minecraft Sets Now Available

LEGO Minecraft 21106 Micro World The NetherLEGO’s Minecraft line has expanded with two new sets now being made available for sale. Building off the initial LEGO CUUSOO Minecraft Micro World set, the two new sets will now form the basis of a new line. The two sets, Micro World The Nether (pictured above) and Micro World The Village (pictured below) will feature  469 and 466 pieces each respectively. The Nether set features Ghast and Zombie Pigman Micromobs while The Village set features Villager, Pig and Zombie Micromobs. Both sets are now avilable for $34.99.

LEGO Minecraft 21105 Micro World The VillageSource: Game Informer

Line of LEGO Watches for Adults To Be Released This November

LEGO Watch SystemA new line of LEGO watches,  the Lego Watch System, targeted specifically at grown-ups,will soon be launching in November. The watches, made for men and women, will feature interchangeable bezels and bracelet links. Made entirely out of plastic, the LEGO Watch System builds upon the legacy of previously released LEGO watches that were primarily targeted at children. The watches will be priced between $85 and $185.

LEGO Adult WatchesSource: ABlogToWatch, Gizmodo

Marina Bay Sands To Join To LEGO Architecture Line

21021 LEGO Architecture Marina Bay SandsThe iconic Singaporean Marina Bay Sands resort and casino will soon be getting its own LEGO Architecture set. Opened in 2011, the resort and casino was developed by Las Vegas Sands and features more than 2500 guest rooms and high-end restaurants owned by the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Guy Savoy. The Marina Bay Sands was built at a cost of nearly $6.5 billion and attracts nearly 25,000 gamblers a day who have the opportunity to play on 2,500 slot machines and 500 gaming tables.  The 21021 LEGO Architecture Marina Bay Sands is set to be released sometime in 2014.

Source: Brickset

Maersk Triple-E Ship Gets Its Own LEGO Set

LEGO 10241 Maersk Container Ship


The world’s largest ship is now getting its very own and very large LEGO set. More than two feet long and composed of 1,518 LEGO bricks, the 10241 Maersk Container Ship set replicates the Maersk Triple-E Class Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller vessel. The actual ship is more than 1300 feet long and has the ability to carry more than 18,000 shipping containers. Priced at $149.99, the set will be available in January of 2014.