Huck Gee Showcases New Dunny Inspired Creation

Huck Gee iPolice Dunny

San Francisco based artist Mark Gee (better known as Huck Gee) has shown a preview of one of his new works: a Dunny in law enforcement attire with a riot shield marked “iPolice”. kidrobot states “Huck.Evolves…”. What will Huck evolve to? Only time will tell. Although, it is certainly interesting to note that most urban vinyl customs are rather abstract, but Huck has presented a Dunny in a more traditional style.

Source: kidrobot

AJ’s Toy Boarders Hit The Slopes

AJs Toy SnowboardersAJ’s Toy Boarders are no longer confined to the skate park, they are hitting the powdery slopes now as well. Much like the previous AJ’s Toy Boarders series, there will be eight different poses in the first series. The eight different figures in Series 1 snow will be called: Big Air, Switch, Rail Slide, Rail Ggrab, Tail Grab, Cruising, Bomber, 180. Packed in bags of 24, AJ’s Toy Snowboarders are now available from MindtwisterUSA.

LEGO Now World’s Second Largest Toy Maker

LEGO Earth PlanetWith sales of $1.8 billion during the first half the year, LEGO has overtaken Hasbro to become the world’s second largest toy maker. Sales rose by 13% over last year with profit and market share increasing to $550 million and 8.8% respectively. While sales growth in the United States and Europe was minimal, Asia saw a 35% leap. Thanks in part to the rapid growth in Asia, LEGO plans to construct a new manufacturing plant in the nation starting next year. Despite the strong growth seen by LEGO, Mattel managed to retain its spot as the worlds largest toy maker.

Source: BBC News, 101Qs