BrickPi Brings Together LEGO Mindstorms and Rasberry Pi

BrickPiDexter Industries new BrickPi board brings together the world of LEGO and that of Rasberry Pi. The BrickPi board allows for the Rasberry Pi , a single board computer the size of a credit card, to control up to 3 LEGO Mindstorms motors and 4 LEGO Mindstorms sensors. The BrickPi, Rasberry Pi, motors, and sensors will all be powered with an attached 9V power source.

The ability to utilize the full LEGO system while harnessing the power and versatility of the Rasberry Pi board will allow for the building of some very interesting robots once the BrickPi has been released. Dexter Industries has already run a successful Kickstarter campaign for the BrickPi board and is aiming to ship them by August of this year.

Even with the financial success of Dexter Industries KickStarter campaign, the firm has kept the design of BrickPi open, allowing for anyone to copy or modify the board, in hopes of advancing the education mission of the project.

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