Skylanders: Giants Figures To Be The Latest Happy Meal Toy

McDonalds Happy Meal Skylanders Giants

A Skylanders: Giants figure will soon be a part of every Happy Meal thanks to a new Promotion at McDonald’s. Nine different characters: Jet-vac, Ignitor, Crusher, Chop Chop, Tree Rex, Spyro, Grill Grunt, Drobot, and Kaos (pictured above from left to right) will be part of the lineup of figures.  The promotion is set to begin this Friday, April the 12th, at McDonald’s Restaurants in North America. In addition, each Happy Meal will also feature a $10 coupon for a Skylanders: Giants figures starter pack.

The Skylander’s franchise is best known for featuring game play where physical toys, used with a special portal, are brought to life on-screen. But, the figures that are part of the McDonald’s promotion will not be compatible with the Skylanders: Giants video game.

Source: McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys, USA Today


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