An Interview With The Maze-O Team



Mazes often flex the mental muscle and can be a catalyst for creative thought and this is just what Jessica and Dan Friedman aim to do with Maze-O, a maze construction system that they created. Mazes created using the Maze-O consutrction system are complemented by diecast cars, robotic bugs, action figures, balls and a host of other toys. Recently, the folks behind Maze-O spoke with Kollectobil about winning the Cool Idea! Award and their plans for Maze-O:

How do you believe winning the Cool Idea! Award will assist in getting Maze-O into the hands of consumers?

We’ve been able to get Maze-O in the hands of so many more people because of the Cool Idea! Award from Proto Labs. Our 3-D printer was great for initial prototyping, but very time consuming. We had just over 3 sets of Maze-O printed from our 3D printer. It was great for showing the idea behind Maze-O, but we really wanted to make a splash at Toy Fair in New York. Cool Idea! provided us with over 1300 pieces. At Toy Fair, we were able to provide each interested company a full set to use for play testing.

How do you envision marketing Maze-O?

Right now we are focused on finding a great company to partner with. Maze-O is great for developing little brains, so we intend on showing off Maze-O’s brainy side along with the awesome fun Maze-O brings.

Would you prefer to manage the development and manufacturing of Maze-O yourself or perhaps license it to another toy manufacturer?

We would love to partner with an experienced toy company through a licensing agreement to bring Maze-O to market. We want to reach a large audience and we think that using an established company to manufacture and distribute Maze-O will help us achieve that goal.

Do you think Maze-O will appeal to adults as well?

Maze-O definitely appeals to adults! Dan, who is a software developer, brought Maze-O to his workplace one day. His co-workers went maze-crazy with Maze-O. So much for programming… they spent the afternoon building mazes and shooting video of Hex Bugs crawling through the mazes. They also wanted to use it as a dungeons and dragons map. Maze-O has a great appeal to especially nerdy adults.

Will you consider attempting a Guinness world record for the largest maze or participate in any other publicity event to promote Maze-O?

Maze-O just lends itself to awesome displays of cool looking mazes! We can’t wait to create ginormous mazes, mazes in cool patterns and mazes that form pictures. I envision robot competitions for solving Maze-O mazes and Maze-O days at children’s museums where hundreds of kids collaboratively create large mazes. We are always looking for fun ways to promote Maze-O.

For more information on Maze-O, check out its official website.

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