Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack Review

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figure Pack BoxThroh and Sawk are the martial artists of the ever expanding Pokemon world. Both creatures don the elegant white robes that are best known as icons of the Eastern fighting styles they represent. While both Throh and Sawk are quite different, they each also share some similarities. Both are male only, fighting type Pokemon who do not evolve from or into any other Pokemon. The new Pokemon Throw vs. Sawk Figure Pack from Tomy recreates the pair of fighting Pokemon in miniature.

Tomy Pokemon Throh FigureThroh, the larger (and redder) of the pair, is Pokemon number 538 and is known in Japanese as Nageki. He is considered to represent a Jude fighter.

Tomy Pokemon Sawk FigureSawk is a blue Pokemon but seems more angry than sad. As pokemon 539, he is known as Dageki in Japanese. The thinner of the pair, he is considered to be a Karate expert.

Both figures are 2 inches tall tall and are made of solid plastic and feature a quality paint job that is accurate compared to the portrayals of both Pokemon as seen in the anime and video game. Neither figure features any articulation but rather a fixed fighting pose. Both figures generally stand up well but can fall over if a particular surface is not flat or steady enough.

Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Pokedex ID TagsBoth figures also come with multiligual ID Tags that can be inserted into a Pokedex to provide information about each respective Pokemon.Tomy Pokemon Throh vs. Sawk Figures

The two pack featuring Throh and Sawk is part of a series of 2 inch tall figures released by Tomy. The pair of figures, along with the Pokedex ID Tags are priced a bit on high end at $7.99, but do provide two quality figures that are durable and can withstand the rigors of play, while at the same time, serving as quality display pieces.

For more information on Pokemon figures, visit Tomy’s official website.

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