Pikmin 2 Plushies Reissued

Nintendo Pikmin 2 PlushiesPikmin became one of the defining video game series on the Nintendo GameCube and nearly a decade after Pikmin 2‘s release, merchandise based on characters from the game is still quite in high demand. This has led to the reissuing of a series of Pikmin 2 plushies with the exception of the Captain Olimar and Louie plush figures. The plushies that will be reissued include the Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue and White Pikmin as well as the Chappi. Each color of Pikmin will be available in three varieties: bud, flower and leaf while the Chappi will only be available in one variety. The Chappi will be 10 inches by 10 inches in size while the other Pikmin will be between 10 to 11 inches tall. The Pikmin 2 plushies are now available and will likely be followed up by the release of the latest game in the series, Pikmin 3, which is due out this spring on the WiiU.

Source: NCSX Games and Toys

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