Toys R Us To Offer Two New Exclusive Jurassic Park Playsets

Hasbro Jurassic Park-Allosaurus Assault

Retailer Toys R Us will soon be offering two new exclusive Jurassic Park playsets from Hasbro for sale. The toy line is set to be launched by Hasbro in anticipation of the release of the Jurassic Park 3D movie. Jurassic Park toys were originally made by Kenner, a company that Hasbro purchased in 2000. The two Jurassic Park playsets ,the  Pachyrhinosaurus Clash (pictured below) and the Allosaurus Assault (pictured above) each feature a 3.75 inch figure that are based on G.I Joe figure molds.

Hasbro Jurassic Park-Pachyrhinosaurus Clash

Hasbro also recently announced a Jurassic Park Kre-O line that will be based on Jurassic Park IV, which is set to be released next summer.

Source: Toy News International

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