LEGO The Simpsons Theme A Possibility

LEGO The SimpsonsLEGO is in negotiations with 20th Century Fox over The Simpsons license to produce construction sets based on the long running animated series. If an agreement is reached between LEGO and 20th Century Fox, a LEGO The Simpsons theme would likely appear on store shelves starting in 2014. The Simpsons, which first aired in 1989, is currently in its 24th season and is the longest running American animated series and sitcom of all time. If acquired, The Simpsons would be the latest in a string of new licenses to be turned into product lines by LEGO. Most recently LEGO announced the new The Lone Ranger license and shortly before that released sets based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Source: Adrianlinks (Image)

7 thoughts on “LEGO The Simpsons Theme A Possibility

    • I completely agree. I think it could be the start of long running LEGO theme. The Simpsons would provide quite a bit of material for LEGO to work with in creating sets.

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