Rainbow Skies: An Interview With Marcus Pukropski of SideQuest Studios On The Upcoming Game

Rainbow Skies LogoRainbow Skies is a brand new fantasy style role-playing game from eastasiasoft and SideQuest Studios. Based on the PlayStation 3 title Rainbow Moon, Rainbow skies will be available starting in 2014 for both home consoles and mobile platforms. Recently, Marcus Pukropski of SideQuest Studios talked to Kollectobil about the upcoming title:

Rainbow Skies Screenshot 1  What other games serve as a source of inspiration for Rainbow Skies?

Rainbow Skies is an indirect sequel to our 2012 released RPG Rainbow Moon. Although it’s going to be a new game with new content, in terms of the game system, it’s going to be similar.

Originally we took inspirations from a lot of different games, such as the older Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games as well as a variety of Nippon Ichi games, including the Disgaea series. Visually we also took some inspiration from the Dofus series.

Despite some of the inspirations, Rainbow Skies as well as Rainbow Moon play very differently as we always feel that it’s very important to make our own design decisions.

How is Rainbow Skies different from other role playing games currently available in the market place?

Rainbow Skies will be a mixture of RPG and strategy RPG, which is unique. You are going to find a lot of traditional RPG features in Rainbow Skies, such as exploration and turn-based battles but at the same time the battle system will be more profound without being over complicated.

On top of that you will also find a number of action and puzzle elements in Rainbow Skies, mostly during dungeon exploration.

There will be a variety of other small and big features, but it would be a little too much to explain everything in detail. If you are interested in Rainbow Skies, you can follow the development on www.rainbow-skies.com. More features and game details will be announced from us frequently.

Rainbow Skies Screenshot 3

Is Rainbow Skies more of a Western or Eastern style RPG?

Although Rainbow Skies’ gameplay roots are probably more Eastern style, I wouldn’t completely define it as a typical JRPG. The turn-based battle system and character development are similar to what you can find in Eastern style RPGs, but we are also mixing in features from Western RPGs and MMORPGs.

What sort of person is the game targeted at? A more serious player or a casual gamer.

Anyone can play Rainbow Skies but I would say that we are mainly targeting core gamers. Rainbow Skies will have a lot of content and it will take most players at least 40 hours to play through the main story.

Especially gamers that enjoy traditional gameplay, turn-based battles, exploration and customization should keep an eye out on Rainbow Skies. Of course you can also try out Rainbow Moon’s demo, which is currently available for the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Store.

How will Rainbow Skies differ among the platforms that it will be offered on?

Unfortunately I cannot tell you much about this yet because we haven’t announced platforms at the moment. We should have more details and confirmed platforms later this year.

Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity for this interview!

Rainbow Skies Screenshot 2

Rainbow Skies is set to include features such as the ability to catch monsters and include them in the players party, building exploration, dungeon elements, an advanced battle system that includes combo attacks, treasure-hunt and side quests as well as mini games. For more information on Rainbow Skies, check out the game’s official website or Facebook page.

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