Building My Neighbor Totoro Out Of LEGO

My Neighbor TotoroReleased in 1988, director Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro became a hallmark of Japanese animated cinema and won praise globally from the World of Cinema. The unique and captivating characters and scenes from the film, which serve as a source of inspiration to many,  have resulted in a host of artistic LEGO creations.

LEGO TotoroBrickshelf user kamikazek created a sculpture of Totoro himself and fully captured the innocent nature of one of the movie’s central characters.The movie features three Totoros (or spirits) with the ō Totoro (seen above), being the largest. Totoro has become such a cultural icon that it even made a cameo in Toy Story 3.My Neighbor Totoro LEGO Satsuki and Mei HouseOne the main scenes from the movie, the home of the central human characters Satsuki and Mei was recreated by Brickshelf user O-SAWA. The creation captures the homes quaint feel and is the first place that the girl’s: Satsuku and Mei, come in contact with spirits, namely the soot spirits. Not only was the house built out of LEGO bricks, but at Expo 2005 saw the building of a life sized model of the house.

LEGO My Neighbor Totoro CatbusRecreated out of LEGO by Japanese builder Tomoyuki Wakata, the Catbus is another popular character from My Neighbor Totoro. The Catbus serves as a mode of transportation for Totoros but was also used by Satsuki and ō Totoro in the movie.

LEGO My Neighbor TotoroBut, in the above creation, Brickshelf user andybear really provides a great snapshot of the entire film. The top level features a minifigure scaled Totoros, Catbus, figures of Satsuki, Mei and their father as well as their home while the bottom level has a scene from the forest. The creation, much like the others, capture the unique and hopeful vibe of the movie and demonstrate My Neighbor Totoro’s lasting impact as a medium of inspiration.

Source: Double Feature (Image)


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