Bandai Releases Model Kit of Antarctic Exploration Vessel Soya

Bandai Super Alloy Model Kit Soya

First announced in September 2012, Bandai’s zinc alloy model of the Soya, an Antarctic exploration vessel, is now available. The 1:250 scale model of the Soya stands more than 6 inches tall and nearly 14 inches long. Included with the ship are an Ice covered sea display stand, vehicles, airplanes, 30 figures and 22 dogs among other accessories. Officially called the Adult’s super alloy–Antarctica observation ship Soya, the model kit is based upon a vessel originally built in 1938 that was originally used in World War II as a supply vessel and later, in 1956, became fitted as a ice-breaker for use in Antarctic expeditions. Bandai hopes to sell 3000 units of the Soya model kit, which is priced at ¥49,350/$532.00.

Source: Asahi Shimbun, Tamshii Nations

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