New Commemorative N Scale 200 Series Shinkansen Released By Tomix

Tomix 200 JR set system (In Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the opening Omiya Tohoku Shinkansen)

Japanese model train manufacturer Tomix has released a commemorative 10 car set of the 200 Series Shinkansen modeled in N Scale. The commemorative set marks the 30th anniversary of the train first entering into service on the route between Omiya and Morioka, Japan. First entering service in 1982 for Japanese National Railways, the train was utilized by East Japan Railway Company starting 1987. After celebrating its 30th anniversary on June 23rd, 2012, the 200 series Shinkansen is set to retire in March, 2013. The 10 car set will be available in a limited edition and priced at ¥31,200, or about $338.

LEGO Celebrates Its Anniversary With A Series Of Puzzles

Jaws LEGO Puzzle

LEGO is celebrating its 55th anniversary by releasing 55 different puzzles that each showcase how just a handful of bricks can mean so much. Can you guess what item of pop culture each poster represents? Check out the above and the following posters (For answers, click each poster and look at the title):Read More »

Marklin My World Line Offers Up Affordable Model Train Sets

Marklin My World

German model train manufacturer Märklin is now offering a new line of affordable train sets based on a variety of trains from continental Europe. Each set is priced at between $65.98 (for the Belgian, Swiss trains) to $79.98 (for the ICE and German Freight Train). Each train includes 5 cars and is battery powered and can operate at three different speeds. In addition, each train also includes working light and sound. The trains in the line include:Read More »

Three New Bandai B-Train Shorty Sets Now Available

Bandai B-Train Shorty 189 series Asama

Bandai has release three new B-Train Shorty sets, all of which are based on trains utilized by the East Japan Railway Company. The first of the three sets, the 189 series Asama (pictured above) features six cars and is priced at ¥3,360 / $36.00. The Asama service has run between Tokyo and Nagano, Japan since March 1st 1961. Bandai has also released two B-Train Shorty sets based on the E3 Series Shinkansen.Read More »

Takara Tomy To Release Three New Tomica Hyper Series Liners

Tomica Hyper Series Trains

This March is set to see the release of three new Tomica Hyper Series Liners/Trains from Takara Tomy. The three new Plarail compatible Liners include the Rescue Liner, the Blue Police Liner and the Builder Liner. Each liner includes a host of features, such as a train car that can transport vehicles as well as unload them, instruments that pop out when driven over a special Plarail track piece and the ability to attach accessories from other Hyper Series playsets to the individual train cars. In addition, each locomotive car also has a cockpit with space for one figure. Each Hyper Series Line consists of three train cars and will be priced at ¥3,000 or about roughly $30. For more information on the Hyper Series Liners, check out Takara Tomy’s official product page.

The World’s Smallest Model Train

T-Scale Gauge Train On FingerWith a scale ratio of 1:450, Japanese firm Eishindo‘s T gauge model trains are the smallest in the world. Many model train scales are relatively small but Eishindo takes miniature to an whole new level. The T Gauge trains are so small in fact that they can sit on the tip of your finger! The track gauge (distance between the two rails of a track) is a miniscule 3 millimeters.Read More »