Gargantuan LEGO Helicopter Model Features More Than 100,000 Pieces

LEGO Erickson Air-Crane

Australian builder Ryan McNaught, also known as The Brickman, has built a monumental model of an Erickson Air-Crane helicopter using more than 100,000 pieces. At more than 13 feet long and 4 feet tall, the model took more than a month to build and was on display at Brickvention 2013, which took place on Janruary 19th and 20th near Melbourne, Australia.

Erickson Air-Crane

The LEGO model made by Mr.McNaught is based on the Erickson S-64 Aircrane, which is manufactured by Erickson Air-Crane in Central Point, Oregon. The Aircrane has has the ability to carry out a variety of tasks such as aerial firefighting, timber harvesting and heavy lift construction.

Source: Gizmodo

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