LEGO City Starter Set Due Out in 2013

LEGO City Summer 2013What better way to start a LEGO city than with a starter set? Starting June, 2013 a new LEGO City Starter Set will make this quite possible. Slated for a June release the set includes a fire truck, an ambulance as well as a police motorcycle, essentially, all the emergency services you could want, in one box. The Summer of 2013 will also see some LEGO City sets going in a sporty direction with the likes of a Grand Prix Truck and a Monster Truck Transporter. Expect both of those sets out this upcoming June.

Source: TheBrickTeen

75 thoughts on “LEGO City Starter Set Due Out in 2013

  1. I saw a bunch of pictures of new sets on facebook under “coming soon lego products”. Hope you guys can get those on here. New York toy fair is this week, years sets are there.

  2. Here is what i have found:
    There are 3 sub themes coast guard, cargo, and racing
    Set #60020 is a Forklift and truck with pallets much like set #7733
    A cargo plane set #60022 with a Octan fueling truck, a conveyor belt, 2 opening hatches, new mini Lego sets (cement mixer), a forklift, 2 pallets (one holding tires like those found in the Disney Cars sets), and one that is sealed. There will be log pallets, an airport mechanic truck, and an airport street sweeper. I do NOT know the set number, but there is a “heliplane” it converts from a helicopter to an airplane. Also, a small 1-prop plane that has a new color of piece. No set number, sorry.

    I have no set numbers for the Coast Guard sub theme, but I know there will be a big ship, a helicopter, a small para-sailer, and a 4WD pickup with a trailer holding an orange raft.

    Racing: Octan race truck holding an open-wheel car (Set #60025) and a Monster Truck Transporter (Set #60027)
    My scource is The website is in german, but the picture are just perfect.

    On top of that, Lego plans to open a new product line called: Disney The Lone Ranger
    for info go to google
    Glad I could help

    • Thanks for the info on the coast guard, cargo and racing sub themes. The pictures from the link you provided are also great! I hope to write about them soon :). One of the new The Lone Ranger sets has just been unveiled so there should be a post up about that shortly as well as one for some upcoming Iron Man sets.

      Thanks again for the information! It is very much appreciated.

      • You are very welcome! I have your page bookmarked and I look forward to seeing your page soon May I suggest going and getting aFacebook page and be followed on Twitter?

      • The Lone Ranger has 2 polybag sets to be looking out for. Google them, and I`ll post the link later!!
        BTW thanks for the link on how to put in happy smiley faces!!

      • Wonderful! I just added the links to our Twitter and Facebook page in the upper right hand corner 🙂

  3. I am in the Lego VIP program and I have some news that might be helpful:
    Early access to Palace Cinema set #10232
    FREE EXCLUSIVE Lego mini Republic Frigate with a $50 Lego Star Wars purchase March 1-31
    FREE shipping with a $75 Lego purchase March 1-15
    DOUBLE VIP POINTS March 25-April 8

  4. There is also word on a set in the City line called the Town Square. It is complete with a pizza resteraunt, bike shop, and a bus. The bus is red. It has a sticker for an “ad” for the pizza place.

    • I think Toy Story sets were available in Disney stores, right? If that is the case then I think they will be.

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