Erector Sonic and Green Hill Ramp Playset Review

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset Box

Speed, next to curling up into a ball, is perhaps what Sonic the Hedgehog is best known for. The Green Hill Ramp Playset from Erector certainly highlights the supersonic speeds that the Blue Hedgehog is known for while recreating the imagery from the long running video game franchise.

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset Box Contents

The Playeset features more than 35 pieces that must be put together in order to complete the model Like many construction sets, some of the parts snap simply into place, while many to be screwed together using nuts and bolts and the included red plastic screw driver.

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset Box Parts

The use of screws, nuts and bolts is perhaps what erector is best known for. The playset features mainly plastic parts that make up the car and the track.

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset Box Stickers and Instructions

In addition, part of the track is created utilizing pieces of pre-cut cardboard that holds together to create the end of the track.

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset - Sonic With CarPutting the car together is straight forward. The pieces essentially stack on each other and the instructions are not difficult to follow, after all, the recommended age for this product is 5+. The Sonic The Hedgehog figure is made out of rubber and is in a fixed pose. It does justice representing Sonic but the ability to pose the figure sure would have been nice.

Erector and Green Hill Ramp Playset TrackSticker application is necessary for both the car and the track. Applying stickers to the car can be a little painstaking due to their small size. Putting stickers onto the track is relatively straightforward due to their large size. But, that being said, having printed graphics on the car would have been much nicer, as would have plastic pieces instead of cardboard.

The car, which winds up and pull backs, accelerates through the track fairly well, even though sometimes it can go too fast and jump the curb. For fans of the game,which presumably most people who buy the product are, the playset serves as a great shelf display piece.

Overall, the playset really catches the eye and captures all the aesthetic appeal of the Sonic video game franchise. Stickers, cardboard pieces and limited options for building alternative models with the pieces serve as some drawbacks of the playset. But all in all, older Sonic fans will appreciate the playset simply due to its nostalgic appeal of one of the most prominent video game franchises of the 90s while the younger crowd may enjoy the simple and fun product and the amount of play value it provides.

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