Detroit's Ford Field Gets Recreated Out of LEGO Bricks

Adam Reed Tucker LEGO Ford Field On Display At Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn

Ford Field, located in Detroit, is best known for being the home of the National Football League’s Detroit Lions. Now, Ford Field has been recreated out of LEGO bricks by Adam Reed Tucker and put on display in the Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The 5 by 5 foot model is on display at the museum until February 24th as part of the Lego Architecture: Towering Ambition exhibition.

LEGOLAND Gunzburg LEGO Allianz Arena

Other prominent stadiums have also been recreated out of LEGO bricks, such as the LEGO Allianz Arena (pictured above) which is on display at LEGOLAND Gunzburg in Germany.

LEGO Beijing National StadiumThe Beijing National Stadium, better known as as the Bird’s Nest is another popular stadium that was modeled out of LEGO bricks. The Bird’s Nest came into the international limelight after the 2008 Summer Oylmpics, when it hosted both the opening and closing events for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Wikipedia, SG Collect

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