New Police, Fire and Vehicle Sets Part Of Upcoming LEGO City 2013 Lineup

LEGO City 2013 60008 Museum Robbery - With PoliceJust months before the start of the new year, 2013’s LEGO City line looks more tempting than ever with a host of new police, fire and vehicle releases. There are plenty of the usual suspects in the 2013 lineup, like a Octan Tank Truck and a Fire Station, but new offerings as well such as the  60008 Museum Break-in (pictured above). Other sets that will be part of the LEGO City 2013 lineup include:

LEGO City 2013 60007 Car Chase

60007 High Speed Chase

LEGO City 2013 60006 Police Quad Bike

60006 Police ATV

LEGO City 60000 Fire Department Chief Motorbike60000  Fire Motorcycle

LEGO City 2013 60001 Fire Patrol Cars60001 Fire Chief Car

LEGO City 2013 60010 Fire Helicopter

60010 Fire Helicopter

LEGO City 2013 60002 Fire Truck

60002 Fire Truck

60005 LEGO City Fire Boat 2013

60005 Fire Boat

LEGO 60003 Firefighters Burning House

60003 Fire Emergency

LEGO City 2013 60004 Fire Department HQ

60004 Fire Station

LEGO City 2013 60018 Cement Mixer

60018 Cement Mixer

LEGO City 2013 60017 Flatbed Truck

60017 Flatbed Truck

LEGO City 2013 60016 Octan Tank Truck

60016 Tank Truck

Source: Smashing Bricks, Brickset

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