An Up Close Look At The Klicky: The Iconic Playmobil Figure

Has Beck Playmobil Figure Klicky Diagram

Playmobil first saw the light of day in 1974, after years of development by its creator, Hans Beck, a carpenter turned plastic molder, who worked for Bavaria,Germany based Brandstätter Group. Beck had started developing what would go on to become Playmobil at the request of , Horst Brandstätter, the CEO of the Brandstätter Group. The Playmobil figure, or Klicky as they used to be called, is perhaps what the toy brand is associated with most.

While their positive demeanor may present a simple image, each figure consists of many parts, their planning and construction include a great deal of intricate detail as the above images show. Even though Playmobil has seen much change over the years, the Klicky continues to serve as a timeless symbol of the brand.

Source: Le Monde

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