Trains, Planes and Automobiles: A Review Of The Tomica Storm Runner

Tomica HyperCity Rescue Police Storm RunnerWhile die-cast cars (along with Plarail) are the core of the Tomica brand and world, plenty of other unique vehicles, such as the HyperCity Storm Runner dot the product line as well. In fact, the HyperCity Storm Runner seems to offer all of the modes of transportation available in the world of Tomica: from trains to cars to automobiles and even a submarine, all in one transformable package.

Tomica HyperCity Rescue Police Storm Runner Box Contents: Sticks, Jet, Shinkansen Train and TomikidThe Storm Runner consists of two main parts. One half is the primary vehicle which serves as the plane,car and submarine, and a second part, which attaches underneath the vehicle portion, which holds both the weaponry and two  storage bays for cars.

Storm Runner With Siku, Greenlight, Maisto and Matchbox Diecast CarsGreenlight, Matchbox Siku and Maisto diecast cars (each being roughly three inches long), work perfectly well with the Storm Runner and presumably, Tomica die cast models would work very well too. All 3 inch long, roughly 1:55 to 1:64 diecast cars should be able to be placed in the weapons and storage bay component of the Storm Runner.

Tomica Shinkansen and Storm Runner PlaneIn addition, a Shinkansen (Bullet train) inspired train attaches to the underside of the storm runner. Both the train and the Storm Runner have plenty of places to put the included police officer Tomikid.

Tomy Tomica Storm Runner Side ViewThe Storm Runner is relatively easy to put together and transform and take apart. It comes with many stickers which may be annoying or tiresome for some to put on.

Tomy Tomica Storm Runner Top ViewTomica has only recently reentered the American market and the Storm Runner certainly shares some similarities with the long running Mega Rig product line from Matchbox. But unlike many other product lines, Tomica products have the possibility of all fitting in together relatively well with each other.

Tomy Tomica Storm Runner Front ViewPerhaps the biggest drawback of the Storm Runner is the lack of an included diecast car model. But otherwise, Tomica has produced a high quality product, that is relatively unique and integrates well with their existing product line as well as that of others. Overall, the Storm Runner is a pretty cool product that lives up to the reputation of the Tomica brand.

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