So You Want to Build A Mecha

Suidobashi Heavy Industry Kuratas 13 Foot Tall Mech/MechaSo you have decided that you want to build a mecha? Watched a little bit too much Gundam or Macross and just wished those darned mechanical monstrosities would come to life? If buying or building an actual mecha is not realistic feasible, why not make your own model, perhaps out of a variety of plastic construction blocks and bricks? Building a mecha (or at least a scale model) can be quite practical and as simple as you want it with construction block sets. Lets take a look at a few different construction block kits that allow you to build your own mecha model below:


9448 Samurai Mech Ninjago With Samurai X, Snike and BytarThe LEGO Ninjago 9448 Samurai Mech is well scaled to minifigure proportions and allows for a pilot to sit inside the cockpit of the machine. At nearly 9 inches tall, this set comes with 452 pieces and 3 minifigures.


Mobile Suit Gundam Mega Bloks RX 78 in Dock With Pilot FigureArguably the most iconic mecha is the Gundam Mobile Suit and perhaps more specifically, the RX-78. Mega Bloks released a line of construction sets based on the long running anime franchise in 2006 in Japan.


Kawada Diablock EVA Unit 01 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was given the construction brick treatment by Diablock with a line of sets that modeled the anime franchise’s EVA units. The bricks on Diablock sets are smaller than those used in LEGO or Mega Blok sets, not making them interchangeable, but the impressive articulation on this model more than makes up for that fact.


The Made Cat, The Shawdow Cat, and The Cauldron Born Battle Tech Mechwarrior Mechs

In 2001, K’nex released a line of mecha models based on the FASA Corporation’s BattleTech/Mech Warrior franchise. Unfortunately the line only consisted of a handful of major sets and appeared to have been short lived. But despite all that, K’nex modeled some of the most popular mecha from the franchise that spawned numerous roly-playing and video games.


Kre-O Autobot Optimus Prime and Decepticon Megatron with KreonsWhile the Transformers are some of the most iconic robots in the public eye, they do not entirely qualify as mecha, but nonetheless, their building sets from Hasbro under their Kre-O brand offer a wide range of Autobots and Decepticons. In addition, the pieces are compatible with other construction block brands, making building a mecha of your choosing quite possible when using the underlying articulated frame of the robots.

As the list above showcases, there are plenty of options to build your mecha, but, if you prefer something with a bit more detail, perhaps take a look at plastic model kits, but more information about those is best left for another article.

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