Getting Gold With A Roll of The Dice: A Review of Fandooble

With the downturn in the economy, gold has been seen as a safer investment than most to many people but it certainly is hard to acquire! But, gathering the gold in Fandooble is far easier than mining it out of the ground or amassing large sums of money to buy it yourself!

Inside of Fandooble Game Box and Instructions Fandooble is a game of chance and revolves around the roll of the dice. The game has simple mechanics and is easy for those of all experience levels and ages to understand. It is the perfect thing to play to start off a long night or gaming or something to pass the time while others argue who gets to be dungeon master. Whoever has the most gold at the end of the game wins which may mean you may not only have to steal gold from your friends but a pair of colorful (red and green) dragons as well.

Featuring dragons andĀ medieval lore, the fantasy theme also adds to the games allure with the wooden dice and numerous gold coins being simply game pieces that are fun to hold in your hand and play with.

If you dig the theme and like the two to six player game of chance, go ahead, roll the dice and check out Fandooble. Just make sure the dragon doesn’t burn you while you steal their gold!

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