So You Want to Build A Mecha

Suidobashi Heavy Industry Kuratas 13 Foot Tall Mech/MechaSo you have decided that you want to build a mecha? Watched a little bit too much Gundam or Macross and just wished those darned mechanical monstrosities would come to life? If buying or building an actual mecha is not realistic feasible, why not make your own model, perhaps out of a variety of plastic construction blocks and bricks? Building a mecha (or at least a scale model) can be quite practical and as simple as you want it with construction block sets. Lets take a look at a few different construction block kits that allow you to build your own mecha model below:Read More »

Building All Night Long In New Orleans

LEGO Master Builders, along with the help of fans, will be building all night starting on September 29th and going onto 30th. Master builders and fans will be working on a 10 foot tall LEGO Lord Vampyre from the LEGO Monster Fighters theme.

The event, which is free, and is set to take place at the Washington Artillery Park Amphitheater,has a long lineup of events, including:


  • 12:00 PM-5:00 PM: Open brick building for Lord Vampyre model
  • 5:00 PM: Lord Vampyre assembly begins
  •  6:00 PM: Costume contest (for children up to age 14)
  • 9:00 PM & 10:00 PM: Monster-inspired Saintsations dance performances
  • 3:00-7:00 PM: LEGO Club Kids Activities      


  • 6:00 AM hour: Master Builder, Erik Varszegi, will place final brick

Washington Artillery Park Amphitheater, where the event will be taking place, starting September 29th, is located at 750 Decatur St., between St. Peter and St. Ann Sts. New Orleans, LA 70116.

Enter To Win a Limited Edition Mini Squishable Tree Frog!

Limited Edition Mini Squishable Tree Frog Plush

Want to win a Limited Edition Mini Squishable Tree Frog? Just comment!

The Mini Squishable Tree Frog is limited to 1000 pieces, with each featuring a hand numbered tag.

Simply post a comment below about why you think you should win the Mini Squishable Tree Frog! The comment judged to be the best wins!

Contest ends September 25th at 11:59 PM EST. This contest is sponsored in part by Squishable.

Good luck!

Update: Thanks everyone, contest has ended. Winner will be announced shortly!

Update 2: Congratulations to our winner Catie!

A Car Fit For Char

MS-186H-CA-Auris Char

At the C3 x Chara Hobby  show in Japan, villainous Mobile Suit pilot Char Aznable had his very own car on display, thanks to a mashup with Toyota. Char’s ride, a Toyota Auris, was a shade of bright red not too different from that of his own uniform, and featured all of markings that were fitting for one of Anzable’s Principalty of Zeon Mobile Suits. Will Char’s car show up in dealerships any time soon? There may be a slight possibility of it doing so, but for now, Char’s Auris will remain a concept car.

via Ami Ami Blog