Gundam Gets Canned

Cans of MSM-07S Z’GOK CHAR’S CUSTOM, MSM-04 ACGUY, MSM-10 ZOCK, MS-14S GELGOOG CHAR’S CUSTOM , YMS-15 GYAN, MAN-08 ELMETH, MA-08 BIG-ZAM, MSN-02 ZEONG Gundam Front Tokyo and Pepsi Nex are teaming up for a very canny (pun intended) collaboration that features mecha from the legendary Gundam media franchise we have come to know and love on our cans of soda pop!

Gundam Gunpla 1/48 ScaleIf the assortment of cans wasn’t enough, a massive 1/48 scale RX-78-2 Gundam will also be given away by Pepsi to 1,500 Gunpla fans.  Contestants may enter the drawing by simply following instructions available on each can of soda. The Gundam Front Tokyo x Pepsi Nex promotion starts September 4th in Japan.

Source: Open The Toy

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