Slew of New Tomica Releases Planned

Tomica Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Orange and SilverFeaturing an array of models, spanning from the Lamborghini Aventador (pictured above), to the Komatsu Towbarless Tractor WZ4000,  the next few months of 2012 will have a diverse set of releases from Tomica. Some of the items slated for release in upcoming months include:

White Tomica Komatsu Towbarless Tractor WZ4000

Komatsu Towbarless Tractor WZ4000

Light Blue Metallic Tomica UDTrucks Condor

UDTrucks Condor

Blue and Red Tomica Mercedes-Benz Citaro

Mercedes-Benz Citaro

White Tomica Lotus Exige SLotus Exige S

Parking Garage CityParking

Tomica Blue Honda Stepwgn,Red Mazda Axela Sport, Grey Nissan FairladyZ Roadster, Yellow Toyota VitzDriveCarSET

Red Tomica Hypercity Fire TruckTH-01 Hyper Rescue

Blue Tomica Hypercity Police Car TH-02 Hyper Sonic Runner

Purple and Maroon Tomica Honda CR-VHonda CR-V

Metallic Grey Tomica Lamboghini ReventonLamborghini Reventon

Black and White with Red Sirens Tomica Nissan March Patrol CarNissan March Patrol Car

Yellow and Metallic Grey Tomica Renault Megane RSRenault Megane RS

Black and White Tomica Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Set of Two Cars, Dark Green Tomica Lotus Exige S and Europa

Lotus Exige S and Europa

Source: Pockyland

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