Tonka Trucks to Get Adam Sandler Movie

After turning G.I Joe, Transformers and even the classic board game Battleship into movies, Hasbro is hoping to do the same with Tonka Trucks. Joining Hasbro is Adam Sandler, who will serve as the producer of the new film. Sony Pictures Animation will join Hasbro and Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions to bring the new animated Tonka film to life. Hasbro has also partnered with Sandler to produce a movie based on the board game Candy Land, and in addition, is developing a movie based around the Strech Armstrong action figure in conjunction with Relativity Media.

Source: EW 1, 2, KFFT List Guide (Picture)

LEGO Sets New Guiness World Record

When thinking of the world’s largest tire manufacturers, companies such as Firestone, Continental or Michelin may come to mind. But, it turns out that LEGO, is indeed, the worlds largest manufacturer of tires annually, according to the the 2012 Guiness World Records. 2012 is a very fitting year for LEGO to receive the World Record, since it the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the LEGO tire. With nearly half of all LEGO sets featuring tires, LEGO factories must produce the pieces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year leading to a daily production of 870,000 units and more than 318 million pieces annually.

Source: LEGO

Angela Merkel Gets Her Own Playmobil Figure

Tasked with fixing one of the biggest economic problems in recent history, the facial expression of the Playmobil figure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems surprisingly carefree and happy. Made for one of Chancellor Merkel’s political allies, Horst Seehofer, the figure was presented to him during a visit to Playmobil’s plant in Southern Germany. While only one figure of Chancellor Merkel has been produced, Playmobil did not rule out manufacturing more if demand for them arose.

Source: Bild (Picture), Austrian Times

Mickey Returns to LEGO

Mickey Mouse will be making an appearance in the LEGO lineup for the first time in more than 12 years. The new Mickey Mouse Duplo bucket, spotted at the Tokyo Toy Show, may signal the revival of a theme centered around the Disney mascot. Alternatively, it may turn out to be some sort of one off set, perhaps even limited to the Japanese market. But, seeing the recent influx of licenses to the LEGO brand, especially Disney related ones such as: The  Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story and Cars, a new Mickey Mouse theme is not unlikely.

Source: Smashing-Bricks

Neon Genesis Rody

Inflatable horses are not the first thing that come to mind when thinking of a Sci-Fi anime, but the Rody may change your mind about that. Made by Gymnic in Italy, the Rody / Neon Genesis Evangelion mashup features an assortment of horses in a variety of color schemes from the anime franchise. While originally designed for the younger crowd, the Rody may be the closest one can get to piloting an EVA unit, at least for the time being.

A Cannon on Your Desktop, and No, Its Not A Printer

Toys for your office desk, no, not just your favorite 1970’s Batman Mego figure, but toys you can actually play with at the office. Play at the office? Something that does not involve churning out spreadsheets and TPS reports? brinca dada is hoping to make all this possible and make the work day a tad less dull with its new line of desk toys, which feature; a car and driver, a cannon with figure and net, parachutist with landing target, and ring of fire and ramps. Currently part of a kickstarter campaign, the Stunt Brothers Desk Toys are expected to retail for $30 to $35 a set when they become available.