Furby Making a Comeback?

Furby, the “unique” looking hamster/owlish creature  was the joy of children during the late 90s and the bane of parents who attempted to acquire one. After selling more than 40 million units from from 1998 to 2000, a span of just three years, and declining into relative obscurity after that, Hasbro’s Furby will be attempting to make a comeback in 2012.

Slated for a fall 2012 launch, it is unknown whether Furby can repeat its past magic in an era of far more advanced electronics such as video game consoles and smart phones. But, one thing is certain, the new Furby will certainly serve as a symbol of nostalgia for all the boys and girls who grew up during the late 90s with the toy and who are now encroaching upon their adult years.

Source: Steve Reece , Prototype Furby Page (Picture) , Saraproft (Picture)


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